Cavendish Projects
Line drawn portrait of Julian Assange by Tom DesLongchamp"Is" by Kyle R. WillisLine drawn portrait of David Graeber by Tom DesLongchamp"Human" by Kyle R. Willis
The NSA, The NSA
The first Pocketfilms feature underwritten by Cavendish Projects, this project will encompass dozens of variations of a six second looped Vine film.

The elements of the looped film include movie titles drawn by Jacksonville artist and illustrator Kyle R. Willis, line drawings of portraiture by Seattle artist and animator Tom DesLongchamp, found images, and ephemeral formations of computer text existing only during filming.

After the half-second title sequence finishes, these visual elements are seen to self-animate, occurring and reoccurring in varying patterns and at various points of view.

A soundtrack of babelized noise accompanies.

The project catalyst has been the series of news stories cascading through the summer of 2013 concerning the National Security Agency's domestic internet surveillance within America.

The NSA, The NSA is an experimental film, a Brownian movement of images and sounds set into motion, and an investigation into authorless abstract concepts of motion, pattern, and sequence.

The various versions of The NSA, The NSA are viewable on the Vine mobile network. A video installation simulcasting each of the versions of the film is in development.