Cavendish Projects
Cory Arcangel would call it semi-autonomous. We call it photons and electrons doing their thing.

What commenced as a filler of idle time during the hot, dog days of the American summer, the time when the art world grinds down to a stuffy, airless ennui, ELECTRO-PHOTO the project produced a series of art-like or almost-art books, giving long-overdue recognition to, with apologies to Mr. Arcangel, the processes of technology, the photons and electrons that render the magic of smartphones and Instagram, that are the real artists behind images of this genre.

ELECTRO-PHOTO titles include: Atlantizons, Butter Reef, Chance of Snow, Coded Message, East Coast Cotton, Hudson Gorse, Indian Train, Minor Anthem, Stone Hewn, Thing and Nothing, Thirty Seconds to Syrup, and Tokyo Crunch.