Cavendish Projects
The Unauthorised Collection of John Kaldor
by David De Boer
In 2012 artist David De Boer conceived and executed an original installation, "The Unauthorised Collection of John Kaldor."

The installation incorporates reproductions at varying scale of choice artworks from the personal art collection of Australian industrialist John Kaldor.

The works reproduced include paintings by Frank Stella, Francis Alys, Michael Landy, Gerhard Richter, Sol Lewitt, Richard Prince, and Daniel Buren.

The installation made its debut at the F.E.L.T. Space Gallery of Adelaide, Australia, and has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Jacksonville.

Grounded in the theoretical questioning of the nature and essence of art after collection that is a hallmark of David De Boer's early work, "The Unauthorised Collection of John Kaldor" is a significantly original, subversive, and probing achievement amidst the landscape of 21st century American contemporary art.

Artwork and installation display (c) 2012 - David De Boer
Installation photos by A. Blank